Pressure Cleaning

Pressure cleaning saves you hours, even days of scrubbing, exposure to chemicals, water wastage and backbreaking hard work. If roof cleaning, external house cleaning sounds to you like a perfect way to waste a weekend, we agree.

With many people leading such busy lives here on the Sunshine Coast we tend to overlook the most valuable asset most of us own, namely our homes.

We specialise in cleaning and maintaining the exterior of your property with a lot of care and plenty of experience leaving you with amazing results.

There are many things that contribute to the dirty exterior of houses and buildings, but no matter the problem we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. So regardless of wether you are a homeowner, real estate agent or commercial property manager you can rest assured that we have seen it all before and have a solution to resolve your cleaning problem.

We offer a full pressure cleaning service to clean driveways, pathways, brickwork, pool areas, complete exterior house cleaning, shop fronts, car parks fences etc.

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